Lead Generation Strategies: Let’s Highlight the Top 5 to Keep Your Business Afloat

Let’s begin by describing the term first. Lead generation is an essential marketing strategy through which an entrepreneur identifies who his target is and then stimulates and captures the interest in a product or service to increase sales. In simple words, it means converting the site visitors into paying customers.

However, considering the fact that customer demands are on a constant roll, generating high-quality leads can be a challenging task. Why? The answer lies in the statistics below-

“63% of the customers who ask for your company’s info will not make a purchase for the next 3 months.”

In addition, 68% of B2B firms focus on generating quality leads, while 55% prioritize improving lead volumes.

Use Email Marketing Intelligently

You might think that email marketing is almost backdated and that social media platforms have taken the space. Before you can draw any conclusions, have a look at this stat-

You will be surprised to note that the number of people using emails is comparatively higher than social media users. Also, the conversion rate in email marketing is much higher (6.05%) compared to social media (1.9%).

It means that although email marketing procedures may have become an old horse in the race, they will continue to bring leads to your website. 

You have to segregate the customer subscriber list based on the priority and product catalog, and then send a personalized message to the concerned user.

The biggest bonus that you get with email marketing is an attractive ROI generation. It is encouraging to note that email marketing allows you to earn $40 for each dollar you are spending.

Second, email marketing is a cost-effective approach. You can get the recipient’s email id voluntarily to send the messages.

Content Marketing: Blogs and Video Content

Blogging is one of the most crucial aspects of the digital marketing strategy that directly aims to increase the lead. The aim of writing blogs is to provide useful, relevant, and unbiased information to users helping to build trust. Blogs can also assist in driving traffic to your website.

If you find that the readers are visiting your site to read the blogs, you can urge them to follow you on social media and subscribe to the newsletter.


Another amazing content marketing strategy, which has created a buzz around the digital marketing arena, is creating highly informative video content.   There are various formats of video content such as creating short clips, to conducting live webinars where you directly interact with your audience.

In fact, Forbes has stated that nearly 75% of Fortune 500 executives watch videos on a regular basis.

Paid Advertising 

The best SEO strategies, blogging, posting video content, and other such tactics may prove useful in generating high-quality leads, but they will not provide you with immediate results. If you want to generate targeted leads with quick results, you should opt for paid advertising. Common examples include Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

The advantage of paid advertising is that you have the option of categorizing your audience to target the right customers. Also, if you are confused regarding the choice of the right keywords for your website, paid to advertise will help to zero out the relevant keywords that can bring high traffic to your website. You also have control over the campaign as you can pause or edit it.

Conducting an SEO Audit 

Another proven strategy that has helped popular digital marketing companies and experts to generate quality leads is a thorough SEO audit. Today, more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization, and you can start offering technical SEO audits that will differentiate your agency from others. 


SEO audits help to find flaws in your website and you can rectify the same to establish a trustworthy relationship with a prospective customer. It allows you to save time as you don’t need to create e-books or blogs. Users are usually looking for a solution to their problem first and thus may find SEO auditing more useful.

Social Media 

Social media is one of the fastest and most effective tools to reach your target audience and keep brand awareness generating. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms have given ample space to business organizations to promote their products and services. 


Now that you are familiar with the top 5 lead generation strategies, you can look to implement the same and give your business an upper hand advantage over others. Also, remember that there are several other tactics that can boost your profit.