Custom Canvas Print Ideas For Unusual Places

Custom canvas prints largely dominate the present-day interior decorations have become one of the leading products for interior decoration. It is widely accepted throughout the world because it is customizable and needs minimum maintenance. If you are currently planning to install a custom canvas print in your house, this article can be of great help. Here you can get the idea of installing the canvas prints at unusual places.

Investing in a custom print canvas can be a bold decision as you would be able to transfer it quickly as per your wish. These products are lightweight, and you can hang them from any loop or hook. 

Ideas for installing custom prints for unusual places

Here are the ideas that you can consider taking while installing custom prints at unique places:

1.  Collage canvas prints for staircase walls

Traditionally, people who are fascinated with canvas prints install them on the walls of their rooms. Mostly, you can find these items in the bedrooms and drawing rooms. However, you can install collage canvas prints on the staircase walls. These canvas prints can have absurd designs, pop art, and even family pictures showing different remarkable dates. 

All you need to do is check the catalog and shortlist any print ready to be installed. Otherwise, you can enter the information regarding the customization on the website itself. Professional artists design the print custom canvas, and they can easily understand what you are expecting to get.

2. Recipes and crockery quotes prints for the kitchen

When we talk about unusual places, we can always consider the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where you can install canvas prints with crockery quotes and recipes. For the recipes to be printed on the canvas prints, you can refer to the food photographs on the internet. 

Talk to the artist directly if you buy the prints from the traditional market or enter proper references on the website. Remember that the customized canvas prints can be costlier than the ones you choose from the catalog.

3. Panoramic canvas prints for the garage rooms

Panoramic canvas prints are generally appropriate for the passages and drawing rooms where long wall space is available. However, you can install these in the garages. If you are fascinated by cars, you can print the picture you drive and install it on the garage wall. 

A garage is an unusual place to install a custom print canvas. Your guests can always show up the amazement if they find a canvas print at your garage. Remember changing the setup of lights in your garage as it can intensify the outlooks of your place. 

4. Still life and bold art canvas prints for your bathroom

If you are comfortable with bold art or still life, you can customize a canvas print with one of such pictures and install it in your bathroom. Changing the setup of light can make the magic instantly. You should, however, be aware that bold art and nude art are two different things. So, you might keep aside the hesitation and try it. Bold art or still life is generally installed in the bedrooms, but you can also try it for your bathroom. 

Facts to consider before purchasing a custom canvas print

There are some facts that you must consider before buying custom canvas prints. Go through the following points to understand:

Size of the canvas print: The primary fact that you must keep in mind is the size of the canvas print. Be careful about it when you are placing your order, especially on e-commerce websites. You should always measure the wall space and order the canvas accordingly. 

Even if you are ordering a panoramic print custom canvas, you should check the dimensions. The best you can do is to call an expert interior decorator and take suggestions from them. They can help you measure the wall correctly and select places to install the custom print canvas. 

Content: The content is the second most important fact about the canvas prints, which you must keep in mind. The best you can do is to develop an interest in different types of art. It can help you to choose the right content for your canvas where it can be unique too.

A canvas print at an unusual place with a standard print on it can ruin things. You should always try to be precise regarding the content if you choose it for an off-track place. 

The ability of the artist and deliverer: The third fact revolves around getting exactly what you expect. This aspect of the custom canvas print depends on the artist and deliverer. You should always check if the site you are ordering on has a good customer base and satisfaction.

You can easily understand it with the help of the customer review section. Try choosing a site with a long list of customer reviews, and there are more positive reviews than negative ones.

Price: The price is the last and most important fact you should keep in mind while buying a custom print like canvas bubble. This product is available in the market at different prices. You should always check the quality of the canvas and the print while purchasing it. 

Another thing which you need to check is the payment method. Always prefer COD as you can easily return the commodity if any disputes are found. However, most websites compensate properly if there is any flaw in the custom canvas print. 

Final Words

The field of interior decoration is forever dynamic as it always tends to change with time. At present, the custom canvas print has a high demand in the market. So, you should not waste time if you are planning to buy them anytime soon. Even if you are planning to install it in any unusual places, always try to keep the background light as the print can acquire true vibrance.